Our Programs

PMF Scholarship Fund
Bright children who would have ended up in streets after the death of their parents are given full scholarships to enable them access education.

PMF Girls Always in School

Most if not all girls aged between 13 and 19 years from the vulnerable societies, miss a week of school every month, for lack of sanitary pads.

PMF Uniform and shoes

All children are required to wear a school uniform. Since it is mandatory for one to have a uniform to be allowed in school, many children whose parents are impoverished and cannot afford even food, are denied a chance to be in school.

When parents cannot afford uniforms, it adds more unwelcome financial pressure… 

Decent Toilets and Safe Water Supply

Our foundation has embarked on a rigorous hygiene education and support in the communities, through the Decent Toilets and Safe Water Supply for Schools. This is a proper hygiene initiative that focuses on provision of safe water for consumption in schools and households, in an effort to counter the unhygienic diseases that emerge from consumption of unclean water.

Anti-FGM drive

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has been a major challenge in the education and health sector, with uncountable number of girls forced to drop out of school after undergoing the traditional circumcision. In addition to the fact a large number of the girls who are circumcised are married off at an early age as tradition dictates in some of our communities, many others suffer reproductive health complications.

Hand-washing Clubs

  The Foundation has made deliberate efforts to establish hand-washing clubs in local schools. With each school accommodating hundreds of pupils and a large number of teachers and non-teaching staff, and visitors, there is challenge of providing facilities for regular hand-washing, for all…